Standard round pole parks

Installed by our team or in prefab building packages

  • Standard round poles with lengths from 5 to 13 m, to be built in a equal triangular concept.  Distances between the poles from 5 to 9 m. 
  • Also non standard poles available with lengths up to 26 m.
  • Up to 4 superimposed levels of platforms are possible on the standard poles.
  • On each platform you can change the route in 6 different directions. 
  • Made for use with the continuous SAFEROLLER belay system (more info:
  • Suitable for all body heights and ages. A wide variety of accessories for connecting all types of obstacles. 
  • Thanks to the new lifeline concept, double use of an obstacle is possible. 
  • Installed by our specialists or available in prefab. building packages for Adventure Park owners. (more info:

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