About us

Attracting people, In "adventure", in "game", or in an "attraction"

About A&P Projects

Attracting people, In "adventure", in "game", or in an "attraction"

Over the years A&P Projects has developed their own range of specific construction forms.
Experiencing adventure, sports and games, attractions …
..., passively or actively.
This attracts people, ...
..., in “Adventure”, in “Game”, or in an “Attraction”, ...
..., both young and old find that adrenaline rush to experience and push small or large boundaries


Interested in joining our team?

Become a global sales distributor, so that together we can continue: "Making our globe into one big attraction".

A&P Projects is looking for sales distributors all over the world, who want to include our range of products in their portfolio, so that they can benefit from this collaboration with one of the most reliable manufacturers in the world.
For more information contact us on admin@ap-projects.be